Specialty Trips

Sailfish Excursion:

Our most common specialty trip during the winter months (November - March) is what we call our Sailfish excursion. We fish an area called "Sailfish Alley" during this time of the year which lies between Boynton Beach and goes north on up and into the next county. For these trips we usually book a six hour day which gives us around an hour to catch live bait and the rest of the day to locate and catch fish. It is possible to purchase bait from a local bait boat which does allow for more fishing time. The average cost for live bait is around $80 a dozen and we usually recommend about eighteen pieces of bait per trip. These trips can offer great excitement with usually big fish and we tend to scale down our tackle to mainly 20# outfits. Pricing for this trip is based on our normal hourly rate, plus bait if required.

Shark Fishing Trips:

Interested in tangling with a Shark? Be careful of what you wish for. We mainly target big Bull Sharks which have the highest testosterone known in the animal kingdom. Typical fights can last from 30 minutes to over an hour and a half. Bull Sharks are mean, large and very aggressive fighters. The average size fish is between 200 to 400 pounds. We do not boat or bring back big sharks to the dock but we will get them along side the boat for great photo opportunities before the release. Come battle one of the kings of the sea!


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